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Need Magic Jack Technical Help?

Now this is how the technology works. Magicjack is another tech power. Magicjack is a connectivity device which is plugged into the USB port on the computer supported by an internet connection. It gives the edge to the user of making as many calls as the user wants in USA and Canada. Internet connection is a must to reap the benefits of Magicjack. The device works with CLEC (Competitive local exchange carrier). Time and again features are updated. In the 2011, the company made Magicjack independent meaning that it can be used without attaching to the computer but internet connection still remains inevitable.

The customers who have the connection of magicjack in both the countries can maintain the device in their existing phone number. It does not work in all the areas though. These are some of the limitations.

Primarily calls can be made free of cost. But not to all the areas of North America. Certain costs are incurred depending upon the area. It has definitely made connectivity simpler and cost effective.

Indians also can buy this connectivity device and enjoy the facility of making free calls to USA and Canada. In some cases subsided rates are levied though. Packages are available at affordable rates and the device is available in the form of pen drive. Just install in the computer and you are sorted. Technology has touched the lives of many. Today friends and relatives residing across the globe can get in touch with each other very conveniently.

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