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Virus Removal by Tech Support Live

Excellent virus removal service with full protection. Our expert will diagnose your computer and will configure your antivirus so that you get a full protection from infections. Our experts dig's deep inside your computer and remove the infections.

Tech Support Live Certified Technicians can help with a variety of different type of viruses that are slowing down your computer. Viruses can harm your computer in many different ways. Viruses can slow down your computer making common tasks like internet browsing, document processing, and email processing sluggish. They can hijack your email accounts and send malicious emails on your behalf to your friends and emails. They can also gain access to secure confidential information such as tax forms, personal identification records, and significantly compromise your online security

Our virus removal experts will do the following:

  • Tune up your computer so it runs faster and at optimal speed so that common PC tasks can be performed at optimal speed
  • Do a Free Virus Scan your computer and determine if it has been infected by viruses
  • Locate viruses and Trojans present on your computer
  • Remove any and all viruses
  • Manually perform repairs to your computer registry (this will allow us to install a reliable Anti-Virus program for you)
  • Uninstalling old virus detection software and migrating to another more robust and up-to-date protection package
  • Install Anti-Virus program
  • Perform updates on your Operating System and major Software apps
  • Updating virus protection packages so that your system is not vulnerable to newly created viruses and malware
  • Configure your Anti-Virus program
  • Run your first Anti-Virus program scan
  • Clean the computer
  • Scan computer to detect viruses & malware and remove them to avoid compromising your security

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