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The best of VoIP: taking connectivity to a different level.

VoIP is the acronym for Voice over internet protocol. It is a method clubbed with technology of sending voice message or multimedia over internet protocol. Voice, fax, SMS and multimedia- fall under this category. In simple terms, VoIP is also a system of communication using internet protocol.

Internet connectivity is essential to reap the benefits of VoIP. It is easily accessible on smart phones, computers and internet based devices. It allows the user to make free calls sometimes. It is similar to the regular telephone service, but the main difference is the pricing and the way it works. The bill is not regulated like normal phone bills. Instead the voice signals are transferred using hi speed internet connection rather than the traditional wiring system of the telephone department.

It is a wireless connection which can easily connect to the phone and enjoy the facility of receiving free calls from around the world. India is also accepting VoIP with open arms. Many big companies are availing the facility of VoIP and accessing the connection in their existing phone lines. Technology has brought the closer. Facilities are available for less.

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Tech Support Live offers technical help for all kinds of tech issues. We expertise in all technical fields and provides the best suited assistance in the industry through our tech experts with years of experience. Among all our services, the most seeked services are mentioned below:

Support For chrome

Google chrome can be easily downloaded in windows, Mac and Linux computers. Just follow the instructions ...

Support For mozilla firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a browser specially known for its speed. As per survey it has surpassed other browsers in terms of speed and security...

Support For Magic Jack

Now this is how the technology works. Magicjack is another tech power. Magicjack is a connectivity

Support For Kindle

Are you a book worm? If yes, this product is meant just for you. Amazon Kindle is

Pc Optimization

One of the biggest worry of any computer professional is the technical fault of the device...

Support For Dell

The DLL is the acronym for dynamic link library. For the Microsoft Windows operating systems,

Data Backup

The worst fear a professional can have before a presentation is the loss of data stored in the

Adware Removal

Adware means advertisements supported software. It is a software package which automatically presents ads to

Virus Removal

Excellent virus removal service with full protection. Our expert will diagnose your computer

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