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Best internet security with power packed speed: Vipre

Best internet security with power packed speed: Vipre Viper is an anti virus power packed software which revives the PC from malfunction without slowing the working of the is an award winning software. The key features of the program are:

  • • It has a firewall.

  • • It has a spam filter to delete unwanted files.

  • • It has the power to block bad websites and provides protection against malware.

Viper 2015 can give complete security to your PC and keep the personal information private. It gives protection to instant messaging and e mails if the computer. It is equipped to provide security against the malware. Peer pressure is immense in this field and the market is flooded with similar projects working on same lines.
It is considered to be an entry level program with pros and cons. Though it claims to non interfering with the working while downloading, yet it is not fool proof. Certain hitches have to be managed. The shortcoming of the program is that it is unable to detect new threats faced by the computer. But it is better than the existing anti virus programs in many ways. It is able to deal with the widespread malware in the computer. It is a safe and free download.
In the business arena also. Vipre has marked its niche and widely used by the professionals for the protection of the devices. The lightweight program is very basic in its approach and unable to match with hi fi anti virus programs in the market. Yet it is popular and widely used.

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